Published On: Tue, Nov 6th, 2018

3 Leaf Audio reveals the Chromatron

A state variable filter packed with a host of tonal options.

chromatron 3 leaf

3 Leaf Audio has unveiled the Chromatron, an analogue variable filter that can produce a range of sounds ranging from vintage, Hendrix-esque quacks to futuristic synth soundscapes.

The stompbox uses an original envelope detector circuit that mirrors instrument dynamics in a musical fashion. Built with audiophile-grade components, the Chromatron has a low-noise signal path that encourages a clear and defined filter response.

Additionally, the filter cutoff can be manually controlled by an external expression pedal to produce lush, synth-like filter movement.

There are seven main knobs that govern filter response: the usual suspects “Response”, “Tone”, “Mix”, “Attack” and “Decay,” as well as “Resonance” and “Boost”. The former sets the level of filter feedback, and the latter sculpts post-filter gain. When in expression control mode, the “Response”, “Attack” and “Decay” knobs are disabled.

Check out the pedal in action here:

Retails at $349. More info at

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