Published On: Mon, Dec 18th, 2017

Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Acoustic Over £1,000

There’s a simple joy in playing a fine acoustic guitar, and 2017 found us in no short supply of top-end charmers from boutique builders and the big boys alike. It was also the year that artificial ageing in the acoustic world went overground…



Eastman E10OOSS/V
• Price
Reviewed August 2017
Contact Eastman Musical Instruments Europe
Eastman has been consistently blowing our socks off with the gorgeous Antique Varnish finishes on its electric guitars, and this compact acoustic is equally impressive.

As well as having a fetchingly retro look, this guitar delivers in every other area in spades, belying its reasonable price tag. With high-quality materials, convincing ageing and truly outstanding tone and playability, Eastman has produced a winner in every respect.

We said “Aged-finish acoustics aren’t for everyone, but the playability, vibe and sheer tonal quality here are undeniable”

Highly Commended

Atkin Guitars The Forty Three
• Price
Reviewed June 2017
Contact Forsyth’s 0161 956 2052
We said “Where it matters, Alister Atkin has got it spectacularly right. Vintage tone with contemporary playability and very accomplished relicing. A simply wonderful acoustic guitar ”

Taylor 712e 12-fret
• Price
Reviewed February 2017
Contact Big Fish Studios 01206 382224
We said “The 712e is not a cheap guitar, but the playability, tone and build quality are commensurate with the price – and it looks fantastic. A guitar for life”

Fairbanks F20-S Nick Lucas Gold Sparkle
• Price
Reviewed May 2017
Contact The North American Guitar 0207 835 5597
We said “The F20-S combines many vintage Gibson characteristics with flawless playability and impressive volume and balance”

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