Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Guitar Amp under £1,000

The affordable amplifier category always throws up some of the most varied and interesting products around, and this year is no different – from valve-powered monsters to cutting edge modellers and everything in between…



Victory Sheriff 22
• Price
Reviewed March 2017
Contact Victory Amplification
Victory has rapidly built a reputation for affordable and well-built amps that are also small enough to haul around the place with minimal hassle, and the Sheriff is no exception. With its gold and black livery it should come as no surprise that this British-made amp is shooting for British tones, and it offers classic Marshall-style sounds in spades. Blues and hard-rock fans may never need another amp.

We said “Victory has packed some undeniably great tones into this affordable lunchbox amp – the Sheriff thoroughly deserves its award”

Highly Commended

Oldamps Filmosound
• Price
Reviewed February 2017
Contact Oldamps 0114 258 9500
We said “The Filmosound sounds undeniably great and offers Premier League vintage tone and hand-wired construction for the cost of a mid-priced PCB amp”

Orange Rocker 32
• Price
Reviewed March 2017
Contact OMEC 020 8905 2828
We said “An excellent-sounding amp that brings stereo effects connectivity to a sensible footprint for gigging”

Fender Mustang GT 40
• Price
Reviewed July 2017
Contact Fender EMEA 01342 331700
We said “For the price, it’s hard to fault. A cool and compact home amp that’ll make you play more regularly”

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