Published On: Thu, Nov 8th, 2018

Aguilar Amplification launches the Tone Hammer 700

A compact bass amp that serves up clear and punchy bass tones.

Aguilar Tone Hammer 700

Aguilar Amplification has released the Tone Hammer 700, a portable bass amp that comes with a host of tone-sculpting capabilities.

At this amp’s core is Aguilar’s Tone Hammer solid state preamp, which is a feature retained from the brand’s popular DI/preamp box of the same name. It produces clear, well-defined bass tones at two power output levels: 700 watts at four or 2.67 ohms, and 350 watts at eight ohms.

Where controls are concerned, there are “Volume” and “Gain” knobs alongside “Drive”, the latter of which lets you dial in subtle distortion and punch via Aguilar’s proprietary Adaptive Gain Shaping circuit. A three-band EQ – there’s another knob to select the midrange band – completes the array of controls.

As for connectivity, the amp has a series effects loop and an XLR-balanced output on its faceplate, as well as two speaker outputs around the back.

Hear the Tone Hammer 700 in action here:

Retails at $849. More information at

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