Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2018

Amptweaker releases the DepthFinder

An EQ box that simulates tube-style resonance and presence.

Amptweaker’s new DepthFinder unit is an EQ/utility box that offers you the option of adding resonance and presence to your mix.

The pedal can replicate the low damping factor of a power amp section while boosting very low and high frequencies. These add tube-like qualities to a traditionally tight-sounding solid state amp.

Controls-wise, the stompbox sports two knobs, “Resonance” and “Presence”. Each knob’s frequency range and boost is matched to a Peavey 5150 head into a vintage 30-loaded birch plywood cabinet. The presence also captures how the amp reacts to the inductance of the speaker.

With its high-impedance input adding clarity to the overall tone, the DepthFinder can be easily integrated into a pedalboard’s effects loop.

Retails for $90 (without power supply), $100 (with nine-volt power supply), and $110 (with 18-volt power supply). More info at

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